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Cloud Backup Services


Trusted by dozens of Oklahoma businesses. From the faith community, construction companies, financial instutions, law firms and more. Don't just take our word for it. We will gladly provide references.



Military grade encryption ensures your data will not be intercepted or deciphered.  Just to get a little nerdy, our encryption level is AES ECB 256bit. Bam! Go ahead, try to crack that.



Cloud just means "off-site" or Internet based. To ensure the protection of your data in the event of catastrophe or even minor misshaps it is crucial to maintain a copy of your vital data in the "cloud".


Our hardened facility datacenter is located in Edmond, OK. All servers, storage arrays, power and cooling systems are protected in an F5 tornado rated vault. Storage redundancy and power redundancy are a critical part of our facility design.


Why offsite?

Are you 100% certain your company data is safe in the event of fire, flood, tornado and yes, equipment theft? Here are just a few things we've witnessed that have resulted in data loss:

  • flooding from malfuntioning fire suppressor system

  • single server hard drive failure

  • multiple server hard drive failure (RAID failure)

  • total loss from tornado

  • and the most common, human error


​Most of the time people lose data it's because of human error. Vital files are overwritten inadvertantly or accidently deleted. It happens more often than you think. Chances are pretty good it has or will happen to you.


Got Exchange, SQL?

No problem. Our backup software can handle it. We support SQL backup, Exchange database, Exchange brick level, Oracle, MySQL, Windows System State, and the list goes on.



Please contact us for more information. References and testemonials are available upon request. Contact Chad for pricing info. 405-818-1700


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