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Providing safe and secure off-site backup for business

We're an Oklahoma based data storage and protection company. We take safegaurding your corporate data very seriously. Call now for pricing. 405-818-1700

Cloud Backup

Not backing up your data or only backing up locally is very risky. Protect your business by backing up offsite, to the cloud. Your data is ready for restore at a moments notice.


Your data is secured with military grade encryption by a passphrase of your own choosing. We at dataNET never have to know anything about your information. It's totally safe and secure with us.


Call or email us and data can be restored instantly. Alternatively, many clients choose to restore files on their own with our very simple and intuitive software. 405-818-1700

Rolling the dice with your data?

Incredibly, many small and medium businesses neglect the very basic necessity for backing up their data. We've seen businesses lose everything and have to start from scratch. Don't let that be you. Be pro-active. Backing up your company's precious data is one of the most important things you can do to mitigate the affects of catastrophe. Don't wait til something happens to find out your current backup solution isn't working.

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